• Teaching Ministries

    Bible Conferences
    God’s word changes lives! We want to teach others about the healing and redemptive work of Jesus Christ, leaving disciples in our wake wherever we go. The work of Deeper Truth Ministries is dedicated to providing teaching that leads women and children into a deeper, more committed walk with God. Each woman who attends our conference receives a Bible in English, Swahili, or their tribal language. For most, it will be the first Bible they have ever owned. To place a Bible in someone’s hands for the very first time, is a blessing that continues to overwhelm and humble us, and we know it wouldn’t be possible without the prayers and support of God’s people.

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  • Bible Distribution

    We believe that successful discipleship depends on consistent teaching and learning grounded in God’s truth. It is imperative that these communities raise up their own leaders and teachers, rather than depending on the teaching of infrequent visitors. By providing a leadership training program, we equip these women with the skills necessary to lead their families, friends, and neighbors to Jesus Christ and a better understanding of the deeper truths contained in scripture.

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  • Jail and Recovery Ministry

    Many of the women who attend our conferences will live their entire lives without ever seeing a doctor. That may not be such a bad thing, unless you become injured. In a place where a minor cut can lead to a life-threatening infection, first-aid and the knowledge of basic wound care become critical skills. We believe it is essential for women, who are primarily responsible for the care and nurturing of their families, to be equipped to tend to situations requiring basic medical care and attention.

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  • Missions

    Missions Join us on our next mission trip as we minister to women through the teaching of God’s Word, first aid and women’s health training, abstinence seminars for teen girls, and other humanitarian aid projects. We are always looking for women to round out our mission teams. Whatever your gifts and talents, we have a […]

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  • She Project

    Sustainable Hygiene for Everyone
    Each year millions of girls will miss approximately 70 days of school (nearly three months of instruction) because of their menstrual cycles.

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