Hello and welcome to our very first blog post! I’m Laura Stuart, co-founder and one-third of Deeper Truth Ministries. (Tarin and Meme make up the other two-thirds, and you’ll get to meet them later.) One of the most interesting things about meeting someone for the first time is learning where they came from and how they got to where they are today. Today’s blog post is a quick introduction on how we began.

One day in late summer of 2010, I was handed a phone message by the church secretary. A woman (who didn’t attend our church, by the way) had called in and said her friend from Kenya was visiting for the next several months and that she wanted to get her involved in a women’s Bible study. Were we going to be leading one? I had been leading women’s Bible studies in the community for several years at that point, but had decided not to do one for that fall due to a hectic schedule. The phone message got lost in the shuffle on my kitchen table and, embarrassing for me to admit, forgotten about. Until the first day at Bible Study Fellowship, that is.

In my small group, there sat the woman who had called the church office…Tarin Paradise, and her friend Lillian. We didn’t really interact much except for within that small group setting. All that changed, though, one January day in 2011. Neither Tarin nor I ever were early to Bible Study Fellowship. The two of us were generally scooting in to find a seat just as announcements were beginning. But one morning, by God’s doing alone, we both were early. Early enough to be the only ones in the sanctuary! Tarin took that opportunity to ask me to be a part of a team she was gathering, at the request of her friend Lillian, to go to Kenya and teach at a ladies’ Bible conference. Would I be the main speaker? My response was an immediate “yes!!”

The team was quickly assembled, fundraising was successful, supplies were gathered and off we went. The conference itself was attended by several hundred women and teen girls, and the Spirit moved mightily as we worshiped, taught Scripture, and helped them learn basic first aid. Since then, we have added leadership training, Bible study techniques, purity training to any conference teaching.

We did not become a 501c(3) until Meme joined us in 2013. Deeper Truth Ministries has traveled to Kenya several times and continues to offer Bible studies and teach Bible study methods in our local community. We’re excited about where God might lead us next!

There is so much more to our story and many testimonies about how God has brought Himself glory in it. Please stay tuned to further posts to learn more! If you’ve made it to the end of this long blog post, thank you so much. 

In Christ,