Help Us Change The World, One Heart At A Time

Deeper Truth Ministries is committed to helping women of all ages grow in their relationship with Jesus, in their knowledge of God’s Word and in gaining spiritual maturity.  We are committed to combating biblical illiteracy in this generation so that it will have an impact on future generations. Further, we work to equip women who go and make disciples of Jesus Christ, “teaching them to obey everything” as Jesus has commanded.  We want to meet women’s material needs while at the same time helping them to learn how to meet those needs for themselves.

Hearts heal when instilling in teen girls and women, of all ages, a sense of their own precious worth as daughters of the Most High.  As they learn to value themselves as God does, they become women of integrity who are confident and strong in their relationship with our Heavenly Father.  By fostering integrity, confidence and strength it will have a ripple effect throughout the families and society they surround. The ministry work we do bears some expenses, and the financial support we receive from others is deeply appreciated and greatly valued.  Our co-founders believe so strongly in our mission that they themselves make regular monetary donations into the ministry.

Your Donations Equip Women for God’s Greater Purpose:

  • It teaches women to read the Bible for themselves

  • It helps them to formulate and teach bible courses to other women within their society

  • It hones the qualities of a ministry leader

  • It educates on basic first aid and health care

  • And teaches leadership skills necessary to lead other women in a life pleasing to the Lord

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